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In My Own Words

I began writing down notes and organizing my thoughts about six months after I got out of the rehabilitation hospital.  Up until that point I was still a bit foggy and had quite a bit of healing left to do, but in the back of my mind I knew there was so much to unpack, to say, and a lot more than just a story to tell.  I knew I wanted to write a book.  Writing has been something I have always loved to do. Growing up I had a vivid imagination.  I would write poetry and short stories. 


This time it was not fiction.  It was not something that I just made up.  It was real.  It touched lives and hearts, something not taken for granted.  So, I worked on the book on and off for the first year trying to bring everything together in a clear and concise manner.  I had not done that just yet.  Then the next year I just said I am going to do this.  I am going to get this done. I am going to make it happen. 


So, I started doing my research and surrounded myself with a good team to help me hammer out the details and fine-tune everything. It quickly became clear that this was going to be more than just writing a book, but it was my message and my moment.


Once everything started to come together the thoughts just poured out in a way that I truly believe not only tells the story of my miracle and my journey but how we all find ourselves on a journey. 


There are different highs, lows, peaks and valleys, some more serious, some more life-changing than others.  It is your journey.  Live it to the fullest.  Discover your purpose along the way and use whatever power you have to make a difference as you pour into it with passion.

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